LMS for Educational Institutions

Education LMS – Popular in higher education and working its way into K-12

What we Do

We create A web-based application based on moodle that allows educational institutions to deliver content and resources to their students, while monitoring participation and assessing performance.

LMS allows for consistency in the evaluation and delivery of materials; as well as customizing training modules.

Progress of LMS users can be tracked and their records can be reviewed. LMS is easy to use, providing continuous learning.

One4All LMS Features

Our Powerful solutions from Moodle (LMS) can lets you build the perfect education solution for your needs.



Activities can be repeated as often as they want. Their grades are private.

There's a wide range of media available for learning. They can see all their marks in one place.

They can learn more and faster by taking advantage of a wealth or resources and links we make available and interacting more often with other class members.

Students learn from what their peers share and build on that knowledge.


one4all teacher

Makes teachers ensure the continuous communication with their students and parents.

Continuously evaluate their students and ensure that all of them informed of the required assignments.

No more excuses by students, as they can do their homework from anywhere and at anytime.

Webinars can be held before exams to ensure that all study materials are thoroughly revised.


one4all parents

No more “I forgot my homework” or have no homework today”.

Ensures and up to date with what is happening inside the classroom.

Follow-up on their children’s performance.

Communicate with teachers and school administration whenever needed and get notified if their children’s performance is not up to standard or is going down.

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